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Hi, i'm new to Fiverr

I’m Tiziano,
29 years old from Italy.
I have a passion for web design so i study web design, web development and all thing related to this world.
i have create my first two gigs on fiver with a 5$ low price for let people try and see my work i do with so much passion.

here is my Minimalist Logo Gig!


Here is my Wordpress install with Ashe Blog Pro version theme!

I hope people appreciate the work done by people who bring us passion.

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Welcome to the forum.

A little typo tip: This from your profile description: “grafic design curses” should be “graphic design courses”


Oh thank you, I had not noticed this mistake. Now I will immediately correct it.

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Welcome to Fiverr, hope you have the best of luck with your success here.

It’s spelled with
You seem to make this mistake a lot even in your gig titles.

I understand English isn’t your native language and your service doesn’t require perfect grammar, but you should definitely get a proofreading software such as Grammarly. It will keep you from making simple typos and if you’re planning to sell your services on an international market such as Fiverr then I would recommend taking English courses.

You can do simple fixes and installations just fine, but once you get involved in bigger projects you’ll get in trouble if you don’t understand your client or they don’t understand you.

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Welcome to fiverr. Hope, u will get your success here. Best of luck.