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Hi i'm new to forum have only bought i've wide variety of expetise but don't understand 5er

Hi there i am new to forum i have attempted to get work done over past month or so all but a couple things no one knew what they claimed to know so i end up with tons if credits. I dont cancel they do for so many dont tell really the truth i mean most of the sellings have no more expertise in anything than i do this bugs me for it takes a lot of time. Went and tried elance that bad place and so is odesk they steal so much one guy stole all my intellectual property and i trusted the guy gave him my user name and pw for critical thing lucky i changed details except one was delted but i got it back now i dont trust anyone to help me with my joomla sitewell this isnt really that true for i got this new service new to me that backs up all joomla for me and my site so if some vicious person wishes to destroy any website after i trust them wi my pw etc the laugh is on them for this host is very nice and loves only joomla sort of of like the apple devoteees u know like xiantiy used to be but this more fun but just as nuts hahaha they worship joomla wich is good news for me for i dont know anytiung aboiut joomla so they do everyting for me and if i find a seller who is a pschopath who willingly works for 3.29 usd an hour i know this is not to be trusted for i think those on death rwo in texas get more money per hour to feed their little pets than this so i so happy this cloud never lets u down like CLOUD 9 so happy i now want to sell my good knowledge and exprtise on fiverr so i will do this i can do tons of things i make lots of people very happy i enjoy that i just dont really enjoy ppl who claim to be a professional this or that when me who knows nothing could do a better job just using common sense i mean sure i is not so mch $ but the only way to prove oneself is to prove oneslef then everything flows well to lie or fib just disappoints this is why some people i am sure are angry but really not the fault of anyone but osmeone who not so very honest insofar as their expertise or talents one guy had like over 1000 top ratings but the poor guy must have a ton of friends and family for this guy had no idea how to turn on the pc or of course i exaggrerate a little bit but i mean this is bad for all sellers for this happens to me daily i get one very cool eller and five that have no knowlegge of what they say they are profesisonal at so they lose we all lose i love being of service to all i no saint i just feel good when i make othres feel good so reall yi am selfish but to fib and claim to be able to do sometihng when not t rue how is this helpful to anyone. thx everybody i love all people peace to all! MLE:)

Agreed. On Fiverr many sellers lie about their experience, where they’re from, names and pictures - even stealing other sellers descriptions. There is no verification. It’s buyer beware. With that said, I still like buying here. Its been positive overall…

True, but there are some good people out there aswell. If you ever need help with a website I can recomend some one to you that delivers what you need.