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Hi!🍑 I'm new. What is your best suggestion for attracting more buyers to your gigs?

Comment your suggestions below. I’d love to know your opinion!:blush:

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If you want more buyers, you need to know and understand your target customers. Who are they? What problems do they have that your services can solve? Figure these things out, research to learn where these customers are located, and then go to those places and convince those customers to hire you.

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I think doing an attractive gigs in a one way to attract customers and try not to copy and paste same words from the top seller’s of your service. In order to get you into first page of your service, you should start promoting your gig in social media and try to post it in groups and make sure the people in groups are opening your gigs. So you could see the impression, social clicks are all increasing and go through higher seller’s gigs and try what your gig is really missing from them. Try to makes something more trendy pictures for your gig.

Make your gig stand out! I’m new here too and I’ve been scouring the forum for advice, and the #1 piece of advice was to make your gig unique. You’re not gonna have much luck if you jump into a very densely populated category, but if you have a niche, it’ll be a lot easier to attract people.

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A captivating description of your services along with attractive imagery and of course, video. You also want to engage the community, network and market your gigs on other platforms as well likes facebook, insta, linkedin, etc

Nooo stop telling people to post their gigs in groups. It’s spam and no one likes it.

And social media doesn’t help unless you are very skilled at it.

This is why people just post their gigs over and over again. They don’t know what they’re doing and they’re just following repetitive, ignorant advice.

Dont try to generate leads on social unless you are very skilled. Spamming your gig everywhere doesn’t count.


You could read what I said. Just being a attractive gig doesn’t get you any orders. Now in this era, it’s really competitive. So what I mean is that after creating a good gig, then start to promote your gigs. Just think about an example of a product if you have a good product but no one knows you sell that product. So what everyone does is that, they advertise their product. Like this our gigs are.