Hi, I'm RoseMorrow. Its my new account on fiverr


This is my brand new account.
Here I want to prove my eligibility.
I’m an SEO expert. I want to work honestly and honestly.
I hope Seniors’ opinions about how I can be successful.

Thanks & Regards


Hi Sherri, what are you doing on Fiverr? :slight_smile:


Then why are you using a picture of someone else?


Best of luck always be curious about learning new things :slight_smile:


@uxreview @catwriter I am confused. Are you saying that the avatar and the name do not belong to someone named Sherri? Are you saying that the person is trying to deceive others? Are members allowed to use any business name and image that they want, while not trying to be another person?

Thanks for your clarification.


Yes, that’s what they are saying.


If you own the rights to the image and the name isn’t a brand name - you’re permitted to use it.

Exactly. So long as you’re honest and not trying to be someone you’re not, everything is okay.


Thank you for the clarification. :bouquet:


The profile photo belongs to a woman named Sherri, not to RoseMorrow.

Stealing someone’s photo and using it as your profile picture is unethical, unprofessional, and dishonest. If a seller doesn’t want to use a photo of themselves, there are other options (a logo, a cartoon, a photo presenting a service they offer…).


No words. :woman_facepalming:t4:


Ok. Got it. When @uxreview asked “Hi Sherri, what are you doing on Fiverr?”, that was a little confusing. Of course it is illegal and unethical to steal a person’s image from the internet and use it to deceive others. Hopefully, it has been reported to Fiverr.


I understand. He was referring to the fact that she (or he, for all we know, RoseMorrow could be a man pretending to be a woman, and he wouldn’t be the first one to do that) wasn’t Sherri, but I guess that it could have looked confusing.


Thank you very much …


Thank you sir,
I will definatly change the picture


Catwriter is not a “sir” :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that’s a real person that someone recognized, or a twin/doppleganger in another city! I certainly wouldn’t want anyone copying my image and using it elsewhere! We know it does happen often, especially at dating sites and the like. Well, enough of that. I’m done with this post.


If you are not comfortable enough in using your mug.

There are alternatives such as:

  • Logo
  • Caricature
  • Chibi
  • Avatar
  • Even something hand-drawn :paintbrush: :pen:


:relaxed: WELCOME TO THE FIVERR :relaxed:





Welcome to Fiverr, I see you already have booked a gig and received a review. However, I am still confused. Your profile picture here is of a lovely lady. Whereas, the picture on your gig profile is of a man. :thinking:


He’s trying to work honestly, but he hasn’t managed to change the photo on the forum yet.
Honesty takes time :wink: