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Hi! Introducing myself

Hello Everyone!

I am a newcomer in fiverr. i want to grow up my career in fiverr. i posted my gigs but yet not received any assignments. But i am eager to work and prove my self.

So, hope you will go through my gigs and hire me!

Like to get suggestions to get work or improving the mistakes!

Welcome! It will be very difficult to compete well and get good reviews on your writing gigs if you are trying to write in English. Your English is good, but many buyers want native English.

Your other gigs look OK. Your gig images are mostly nice and clean and sized fine, so as long as you didn’t take them from the internet they aren’t bad. Your profile pic looks great and will help people trust you.

More ideas will probably come in time so you can focus on what you do well, like, and has your own unique “flavor.” The translation gig and the gig to help people with problems have potential like that if people need them. You could also write to Fiverr Customer Support and ask for permission to use Skype to chat with people for that gig. Just let them know you won’t abuse Skype by discussing anything (like payment) except what is offered in the gig. It could take a few weeks to get permission so be patient if you try it.

Nice gig , can u have a look at my profile as well :slight_smile:

check my gigs also for any work

Hi there ^.^. You need to be very patient and hope for the best. i don’t orders to, but I work everyday and hope someday, someone to see and buy my gig. Until than… wait -.-