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"HI" - it's beyond my ability to comprehend


You know those generic “hi” messages that we all receive in Inbox, right? Most of them lead to spamming or self-promotion messages. Not this one:

I interrupted myself for nothing?! Come on! What is this? Why are these people doing this? It infuriates me! :rage:

This is pure harassment thanks


Whoa, a whole 'nother level of :baseball: busters!


HAHAH why?!!
Perhaps he just felt like being friendly :joy:


That’s the downside when working on a platform with a middle hand. Offline i would have made 5 euros on that discussion.




Ugh! I loathe those “Hi” messages. Nothing of value, just wasting time and ruining response rate stats. Next time type “BYE”. The anthem for these annoying @ss people should be Ray Charles song :musical_note: Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. :smile:


omg lol :smile_cat: but glad these people didn’t order your gig and then ask to cancel the order.


Goodness Gracious, what a sick pervert! This is the worst kind of sexual harassment. Report immediately.


Oh my goodness @aiexander how hard I laughed at that! :joy:


I got worse sexual harassment message than that. I’ll share the pic tomorrow. Good night, ciao and amigos. (who knows what it means)


Why does this make me want to message you with “hi” LOL God this was priceless. lol