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Hi ive been contacted by a buyer should i do the work before they pay!

ive been contacted by a buyer asking me to design a character but they haven’t ordered and they say the don’t know how to pay … ive never bought any services so I wouldn’t know how either

and how do I pass the file over is it through fiverr

please help

Don’t do the work before they order. If they don’t know how to pay you before you to do the work, it’s likely they won’t “know” how to pay you after it has been finished.

Send them a link to your Fiverr gig and tell them to click on the giant green order button on the right hand of the page, and to click on any extras they may need from the bottom. Fiverr will take them through the steps of how to pay.

Once they purchase your gig, an Order page will pop up in the To Do area. You will be able to deliver their file there when it is complete.

Absolutely not, the payment procedure is pretty straightforward.

I won’t do it… at the end it could be that you do the work and they don’t order…

Just send them a custom offer.

I had a buyer who was too lazy to go to the gig page and order.

And for another job, he left a tip. Again because he was too lazy to place the order again.

thanks everyone

Do it for free, because that’s why people come to Fiverr. It is the last stop before 0. And then they can complain about your work and give you a bad review. Soon, you will have to move to their house and clean their floors, because that’s the way the world works now. Bring them food as well, and books so you can read bedtime stories to their children. Hey, the banks are paying people to borrow money now, with negative interest rates. The Euro and the Russian Ruble are collapsing, and not a single wave of volatility through the American markets. Wheeee… everybody get on board, it’s fantasyland…

I don’t think anyone can review your work if they do not order. I would not do work for free, just do what someone said above, send them the link tell them to hit the green buttong that says $5/order now, and then FIverr will ask them which of the three ways they would like to pay. And tell them once the order comes through you will be happy to work on their gig.

p.s. - if by some chance they mean that since they are from a different country and do not know how to pay meaning what method, just send them this link also:

And say there are many other help articles they can look through if they need other help figuring things out on Fiverr…but don’t work for free. It’s different if someone orders a gig and you do some extra things for free, when you first start selling, but they have to pay the $5 first.

Fiverr Customer Support

Wow ! this really hard also to get pay with fiver i wonder what are other function fiver provide to get pay from this buyer and yet we have to create link for them…

Reply to @azroy67: But getting paid by Fiver as a seller is completely different then how a buyer pays for a gig.

Have you ever bought a gig from someone or just do selling?

@benjaminparsons: Doing Gigs for free is actually against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and Sellers will get their accounts restricted if they do that. If this prospective Buyer doesn’t purchase a Gig and pressures you to do the service prior to it being paid, report them to Customer Support.

Nope. Don’t do it.The rules are there for a reason. Just don’t do it.

Cash n carry. If they don’t cash, you don’t carry.

Well if it would be a nice paying job do it and place the word “SAMPLE” across the middle of the picture in Large thick letters… then give him a choice to purchase for the final draft…

I doubt someone will want to use that with the word sample on it, and go through the trouble Photoshopping the letters out… at the very worse, you end up with a sample for others who want to see it. and even post it as a pic on your gig.

Reply to @ardicus: yes, but they could photoshop it out or just copy the design themselves. It might not be as good but nowadays many people have programs that can make quality stuff, it’s the ideas of design most people do not have.

Reply to @sincere18:

That is a valid point for sure. though if you look at it they can do that with everything from fiverr… bought or not. Once we give it to them (unless posted differently) we are giving them rights to our work.

But in this case it is a “You win some lose some” situation.

Never work before receiving payment.

There is a lot of that going on at the moment, people contacting sellers and asking for the work to be done before payment is sent. Shocking. Be very carefull. I have noticed a number of messages under different names, but they seem to be from the same people. No image, and the writing style and spelling mistakes are the same. Something strange is happening

Never Work Without Ordering.