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Hi, Lemuel here! (Writer and Blogger)

Hi there,

My name is Lemuel Irabor. I am a Writer and Blogger from Nigeria. I am multilingual, with a considerable knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese, and a conversational level of Hindi.
I write news pieces, articles and I’m an efficient Copywriter.

I’m not really a newbie, but my account has been largely inactive because of my academic pursuits. Believe me, juggling business with a very intensive course of study hasn’t been easy.
But guess what? This experience has actually given me a good exposure to all sorts of academic writing and research.

Uhm…what next?
Oh, yeah!
If you ever want to form a team here on Fiverr, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

It sure would be great to work with people from all races across the world.


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Welcome and I hope you have great success here!

Here’s a helpful link here at Fiverr:

See you around,


welcome to fiverr

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Hey @lemuel_irabor
Welcome to fiverr again. I love travel writing will let you know if i have something to discuss with you.

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Thanks for the advice!
I’ll surely check out the link. :slight_smile:

PS: I have noticed that I cannot make a new gig via the Android app. I know you’re not Fiverr support, but any info would be appreciated!

Please, don’t hesitate! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Can’t wait for your first enquiry, @allesha.

Thank you, Abdul. :slight_smile:


Hey Lemuel:

I don’t use my phone with Fiverr so can’t help. Don’t forget to search the forum for that subject, if you haven’t already.


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