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HI Look at me , i can help you

Hi everyone,
Have a good day i can do yout excel and spreadsheet tasks quickly and accurately also i can convert pdf files as well.
Here is my gig link


Friendly tip for your success:
Proofread (or hire a fiverr proofreader) every single thing you type that goes up on your gigs (title, description, packages, buyer requirements)/profile description/forum posts.
It will make all the difference, :slight_smile:
May :sunflower:

Thank You Mae for your valued suggestion.

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You sound nice, and I’m a proofreader so let’s get you started just a little. :slight_smile:
Below I’ve proofread/rewritten your post:

Hi everyone,
I hope you are having a good day.
I can create and analyze your Excel spreadsheets–with speed and accuracy.
In addition, I can convert PDF files (to ____).
:checkered_flag: Faizan here fill in the blank

Here is the link to my gig:


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