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Hi, My buyer has given me bad feedback

Hi, My buyer has given me a bad feedback, he has mentioned i have not submitted his work, but i have proof he is fake and he is taking revenge. Is there any way to prove my innocence and his guiltiness? and remove the bad comment.


@sartajs contact with fiverr customer support team and tell them everything. i think they will help you for that.


You can check out this How to remove negative reviews and ratings?

If you delivered the work, the order would show – and be listed as – having been delivered. Did you deliver within the Fiverr system?

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YES ! You can prove your innoceence and his guiltiness by informing the fiverr supporting team.
If you prove that then you can remove bad comment by fiverr team.


This is not entirely true. Fiverr has a policy of not removing bad reviews, just because sellers want them removed. If the buyer review is indeed malicious, then it might be removed. But, if it is merely a negative review, it is an almost certainty that Fiverr will not remove it.


Yes, I have delevered work before time.

I am traffic provider i can show my work by short links given by buyer.

This is not what they asked for. Did you deliver via Fiverr tool or another method? If was the first method then you have the proof, if not… good luck!


You can also modify feedback but contact your buyer first.

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Sir I am also having same problem sir !! how to remove review sir

You cannot remove reviews. Buyer reviews are permanent. You can send a request for a review to be changed via the Resolution Center, and the buyer might choose to do so, but reviews cannot be removed just because you don’t like them.