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Hi, my order completion suddenly dropped from 80% to 50% just within a day. Please help, what do I do?

I had 2 canceled order which dropped my order completion to 80% and within a short period, my order completion automatically on its own, dropped to 50% without me doing anything to cause this. Now, I am due for level one but I am not qualified because of what fiverr did to me.
Please help, any solution?

In the last 60 days how many orders did you have? And how many were cancelled out of that total?

Did you complete only 2 orders during the last 60 days? Please try to avoid cancellations as much as possible. And if you deliver your next orders you will get the level back. I was also dropped in level once. But I was able to get it back after successfully completing next orders.

@misscrystal I have had 14 completed orders total. And 2 canceled orders.

Did you complete all 14 orders during last 60 days?

@melwrde I just completed 2 orders successfully yesterday and my order completion was barely moved from 50% to 67%. It’s so frustrating. And the 2 orders I completed are worth $225. And I got 5 Stars.

Just in the past 60 days how many orders? Not total for all time.

If your completion rate is 67% with 2 cancellations then you have 6 orders in the past 60 days.

@melwrde no. The 14 orders completed is the total orders I have made so far within the past 120 days. Since I barely get orders, I don’t think I have completed up to 5 orders within the past 60 days.

@misscrystal Yes. You’re right. I have not done much order in the past 60 days. I have hardly completed 5 orders in the past 60 days.

But it is counted as 2 orders. Value is not considered in the calculation.

@melwrde I am getting better understanding now. Thanks for your input.