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Hi need help, a Guy make a mess with my girlfriend account and now she lost her fiverr

the thing is, timeline in order from 1 year to now:

-she have an old ex-Boyfriend (accent on EX because he ruin her life)
-she have an Old fiverr account to make some money
-he was been delete from fiverr because he create multiple accounts, or something like that
-he stop use fiverr
-In a moment, he add his Paypal metod to her fiverr (so she can withdraw money, because she dont have Payoneer or something, he control all about her, her money, her life, etc)
-she was really hurt and broke up (finally)
-now she is my girlfriend
-i say “hey start to use fiverr”
-She acces again to her account, change password and mail

  • (she forgot she have the Paypal of that guy, and fiverr dont delete the paypal or give a buttom to delete that paypal, or advice her about the situation)
  • she use this 2 monts fiverr really well, i help her to have a good gig, and even help her to open a new Payoneer (because on our country, its best have a credit card over a paypal)
    -she have new clients, regular clients (thats make me happy) and she withdraw to her payoneer for first time (yeih) :smiley:
  • today Fiverr Dissable her account, no advice at all, just say delete because she have the same Payment metod of that guy ( a guy who have a dissable account)
  • she start to cry,i really feel bad, she try to cantact that guy because maybe he report her, i dont know…
    -i dont know what to do…

someone can help me?

ADD: (she dont have a lot of money, but she add her Payoneer account to this account, she is a good girl, but i know if Fiverr disable her account for that Paypal, i dont know if she contact support team, they can help her, or re open her account, because she need this work, and i dont know if she cant use that Payoneer on any fiverr account any more, i really dont know how help her, and i really love her, dude, even if i kick that guy @ss, she still lost her fiverr job, and in our country we cant work to ive, we are from venezuela… x.x… Sallary its 18$ monthly, you know what i mean?)

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Sorry for the final ADD, but i need to explain myself better and our situation here u.u

Your girlfriend can email and explain the situation, calmly and politely, explain how this could happen. Then ask them if she can open another account. It is important that she’ll be the one emailing them (not you on her behalf) and that all the information related to her new potential account (email, phone, banking information) is her own and is not shared with other people.


so, she will lost her account forever?..

i think she call that guy, but she dont want to tell me, she is mad and sad with everything :frowning:
also, if she open a new account Fiverr will not delete it about the same? (i mean, this time is paypal, the next time will be payoneer, she cant have more than 1 Payoneer, and i know fiverr can Banned her about this issue, again)

sorry about my english, im still learning.

I’m pretty sure this account is gone, yes. She can try to get another one if she’s more careful with her personal information.

dont worry, this problem really dont concern me, but i ask here to try to help, idk, im just a guy with an untipical relationshipp trouble

She tell me she cant contact support because her account tell “dissabled”, she can writte from Gmail or something??

also, create a new account its not out of the rules? (the biggest problem she tell me is her Payoneer) how can she add payoneer now?

Well, yes, she’ll have to email the support.

And only AFTER she discusses the situation with them and IF they allow her to create another account, she’ll be able to do that. I’m sure they’ll be able to advise on Payoneer/Paypal situation as well.

If she creates a new account now without contacting them first, they’ll just ban this one as well. Don’t do that.

ok, fiverr dont have a Live system support as Payonner or something? a number to call, or something like that?

also, fiverr cant let she withdraw all the found she win until now?.. because she really need the money, and wait until december put really hard her life, i can help her with some money to food and college, but she really want that for personal stuff :confused: it can be possible? writting or something?? or she ned to wait 90 days???

She’ll have to wait for 90 days.

Fiverr doesn’t have a live chat or a phone hotline so you’re left with only the email.

oh :frowning: she will cry when i tell her, i hope fiverr ask fast and help her good… i feel this guy destroy her life on many ways, and its not fair… ;(