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Hi need help (I am getting fake orders)

Hi seniors, I am getting fake orders from fake buyers. I don’t know who they are. They just place order without giving proper requirements and information and after 1 day they choose dispute to cancel the order by choosing option that i am (seller) is not qualified to deliver work. I don’t know who they are and why they are trying to de-rank my profile. Even i am seller level 1 with 100% positive marks and 5.0 ratings. I don’t know how to deal with them. Please please officials help me what i have to do?


Some times it’s happens :confused:

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How many times has this happened? If it’s one or two it could be just someone accidentally ordering (I’ve had that happen, too, some people don’t read through your gigs well enough) but if it’s more than that I’d contact CS and see what they say! I don’t see why someone would be willing to lose money over this but sometimes weird things happen. (don’t let it be though if it persists. If it’s just an accident or two that’s different).


So sorry to hear about it, you can contact the support and they can check it for you

I was just going to post much the same thing as @katakatica just did.

I have had a few orders from Buyers who have NOT read all the Gig details and canceled.

If it becomes an ongoing issue, I’d contact CS as well.

But first, is there something in your Gig description that could be causing confusion?

Maybe rewrite the Gig descriptions anyway.

I update mine often to keep them fresh.


This is not good, you should contact with customer support services and tell them the exact situation, because they assist you more precisely.

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First Time I found out from here. That’s a bad situation. Contact with support. and if you have solution please tell us.

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They just place order in $5 and dont satisfied with delivery also. at the end they need to cancel the order and return money back…i don’t know why and who are they. i don’t have problem with anyone then why someone doing this with me…

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How can you deliver if

So you delivered something and they said they didn’t like it or did they cancel the order without you delivering?
Did they provide you with absolutely 0 information on what they wanted?

yes it was my mistake too. that i have start counter down and said i have all the requirements. so I hire a writer to write description but when i delivered, buyer said i don’t like this and open a dispute to cancel the order. and on the next order i didn’t mark that i have all the requirements. I just send reminder to submit requirements. and than i have open a ticket with support and got following instructions:

Regarding the first order that was cancelled, I wish I could help you, but we do not have the option to change the rate from the order if it was cancelled by mutual agreement. I’m sorry to hear that this order affected your order completion rate. Good luck with your next ones.

The Order Completion Rate you are currently seeing is the correct rate from the last 60 days. The rate includes all cancellations, including mutual cancellations.

That means that you just need to complete orders in time and finish them properly, and the rate will be fixed retroactively after 60 days.

I’ve included links to a couple of items that might be helpful in understanding this feature better:

When Customer Support cancelled orders, we have the option to not include rate in order completion rate counter. But when it is cancelled by users, unfortunately,we are not able to change it.

In regards to the second active order, I would suggest giving more time, to see if the buyer will continue working with you, if she requests to cancel or something is wrong with it, let me know, I will cancel it and the rate from this order will not be included in your profile, you will keep your 92% and hopefully boost it, with your new orders.

You are most welcome again, happy to be there.

All the best.

So… First it was buyers (as in, more than one) who create orders and ask to cancel after one day, and now it’s one buyer who didn’t like the delivery (not much of a surprise, considering that they didn’t even start the order, you’re the one who started it without getting the necessary information) and chose to cancel, and another one who didn’t cancel yet, just didn’t send the requirements.

And neither one of them is fake, the first one was your mistake, and the second one just didn’t send the information yet (but the order haven’t started yet, either, so you can just wait without worrying about the delivery being late).

In other words, don’t start the order on your end without having information, and try to be a bit more patient.

And stop panicking. Nobody is out to get you and ruin your account.


absolutely right. in first order it was my mistake too…because it was my first experience. for next i will not start order until get complete information. Thanks for your advice…

It also happened to me. :slight_smile:
Then I increased the price of my gig a little.
And I blocked the buyer. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think they aren’t fake