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Hi, New 3d artist here

Hello my name is Andre and I would like to get some feedback on fiverr profile. I am willing to make changes to my profile so I may to stand out.

kind regards



Welcome to the Fiverr Forum!

Thank you, I am just like a lot of newcomers to fiverr trying to get orders.

The cola bottle is a brand name, and could get you in trouble.

Aside from that, please see (IMG) point 2. Also, the (RRD) has a bunch of helpful links.

hey andre,

im new myself and havent received any order so far, but what got my attention on your profile is your last picture of a watch, its too large. when u click on it you cant the the whole pic, only an enlarged segment

Thank you for your feedback. I will try and correct the size issue. I find it hard to upload more work that I have done to fiverr. I am only able to add a certain amount.

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