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Hi! New Digital Artist

Hi! I joined Fiverr months ago but am now interested in being active. Please consider supporting my works via Instagram or grab a commission here :slight_smile: thank you!

Order here!


Do not share your social media details in this forum. I think it is not legal in fiverr


My bad, I assumed they allowed it as they promoted account linking and posting on other social medias, so it being not allowed wasn’t on my mind. I looked into it right now and I have not yet come across any specific rule stating so. Would you care to send me a link if possible? Thank you!

It’s written in fiverr TOS that it’s not allowed to share any outside links or contact details.
That is the worst violation for fiverr and sometimes they are banning accounts for that even without a prior warning.

However there is a list of allowed websites (which you can also search in this forum as it’s been shared many times)

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Alrightyyy, thank you for letting me know ^^