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Hi new here hello ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Iโ€™m new I have no idea what to do


On the forum? On Fiverr? With your life in general? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to sell your services (which I think you do going by your profile), check out the Seller Help Center. It features articles that will help you get up and running.

If you have questions about anything to do with Fiverr or freelancing, feel free to ask them! The people here are friendly.

Itโ€™s nice to meet you. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


You too thanks for the response

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Youโ€™re welcome. Hopefully Fiverr starts to make sense for you soon.

I would be remiss if I didnโ€™t share with you the โ€œrules of the siteโ€. Iโ€™d be so remiss, in fact, that a user called @Maitasun would probably come and throw a pineapple at my head. She dislikes when new users arenโ€™t directed to the ToS (and she seems to have developed a sudden dislike for pineapples).

Donโ€™t worry too much about the rules at the moment. First read about how the site works. Then, when youโ€™re ready to jump in and create a Gig, browse the Terms of Service just to make sure youโ€™ll stay in Fiverrโ€™s good book.

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Just spread the positive vibes :wink:

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Congrats for joining us! Here, in the forum, you can share experience to encourage others and ask some questions, just make sure they have not been asked and answered before. :wink:

Here are some tips I recommend:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.