Hi new seller here


Hi, I am a new user and new seller here.

I am a Art student trying to scratch and get my BMA graduate degree. if you need media for the Holidays. I can help. I also do charity work on the side and like to meet new people.

Okay thanks so much.

Happy Thanksgiving- belated Black friday now.

Michael A. Gamoras

Any little bit helps


Welcome to fiverr.:grinning::grinning:




Welcome I’m also a new seller best wishes for you


Welcome! I’m also a new seller. My catagory is Web Developing.


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


best wishes! i’m a new seller too


Welcome to Fiverr.It will be a good Place for you hopefully


Thank you sir its a pleasure.


Thank you its a pleasure.


Thank you sir. Its a pleasure.


Thank you sir. its a pleasure.


Thank you its a pleasure.

Thank you very much.


sweet. thank you its a pleasure


I hope so sir. Thank you very much.


Now that the hello’s are done. How bout telling me about yourself. Don’t be shy

also I would like to be able to speak to sellers who have quarterly meetings.


Hi, i’m also new seller


Hi I just answered your last message. Hang in there. If you have time. Help out with your talent.
that is worth so much. really here. just is.

building a trust ladder is key.

building a better way to do things is even better. Sweet!!!


I think so michaelgamoras, nice to meet you.