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Hi! New seller! How to promote?

Hi, I’ve started an account and just started to post some drawings. Hopefully people will like it, and I will not get any more creeps. It really sucks that I did all that talking for nothing. haha How should I promote myself?


You can research in this forum. There are topics explaining how to promote yourself. However, I will create a new post here about this issue, because i have read many people asking for the same thing.

I know some SEO & marketing tips and i am going to share my thoughts in a new topic.

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Okay, thank you! I appreciate the help very much so!


@girlypaperdoll, you need to remove the link to Deviantart. Your profile cannot contain links unless they are specifically allowed by Fiverr. Your account can be disabled for using links that are not allowed.


Hey Bro
You can Promote it on Social Media like fB or Instagram