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Hi... New to Fiverr

Hello Everyone, First day in Fiverr Wish me lots of luck. Hope i do big here.

Please share your first work’s experience also tell me how you got it… It’s going to motivate me.

I Wanted to know can we search the buyers here or is the searching option is only with the buyers??



hello i’m new here too, sound good idea… let me hang around here… so if someone share i can see it to… .

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Hi Stithi

Welcome to fiverr. I wish you a lots of luck. And if you are persistent enough you will definitely do big here.

My first sale experience,
I got my first order 1 week after I registered on fiverr. I did not know much about its working but I was good at what I do. I completed the job in given time and delivered the correct files without any revisions. The buyer appreciated my job but he didn’t leave any reviews. Lack of reviews, lack of marketing knowledge lead to my second order be delayed for 3 months.
For 3 months I did not get any single order. But I kept logging in daily and I started to make some money. With help of Fiverr I left my engineering job (which I hated) and started enjoying life.

A Few Starting Points to Remeber
To get orders more frequently, be up to date to this forum, ask questions and answer some if you can.
Share your gigs on social media platforms, fiverr loves people who drive new traffic to its website.
Register on Quora & other same type of websites and be part of the discussions related to your niche.
All of these points will increase your network and drive more traffic to your page or gig.

About Searching Buyers
No you cannot search buyers, you can search sellers if you yourself want to get anything done. There is an option of buyer’s requests, where the buyers post their needed job and want sellers to bid. You can try and bid for some work. It is a good option for new sellers.

I hope this helps
Keep learning keep earning :slight_smile:

Rohit Solanki


HI Rohit,

Even I’m a Engineer who left her permanent job to enjoy life. So kind of nervous about this journey… Thank You so much for your reply :smiley::smiley: Have a great life


I have a question can i create two jobs in one account… MY Main stream is Digital Marketting if It d’t get good offer I Want to try Data Entry or Virtual assistant for time being.

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Oh… Welcome to Fiverr…

welcome to fiverr world…best wishes for you…

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Thank You so much sajib

Fitstly, Welcome to the biggest marketplace. Go ahead with success to show your best.
Wish you best of luck.

Yes, As a new sellers you can open seven gigs at first time that mean you can do seven type of joubs.
Just in mind, success doesnot come in short time. So be patient and more focus on your goal. You are a engineer, so i dont think to need advice to you. Have a great day. :+1:

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Excellent service advices. Nice :+1:

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Thank you zimosho,

Welcome to fiverr forum . :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:



You can make up to seven gigs. But I would suggest you to stick to one niche. When you sell 2 different niche, it gives an impression of unprofessional-ism.
For some time, you can create a different niche gig but delete it as soon as you start getting regular amount of orders on digital marketing gig.
And digital marketing has a very wide scope here on fiverr. Just google everything, like how to create best profile, best gig description etc.



Thank You :slight_smile:


You are welcome rohit …

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Congrats for joining us! Here, in the forum, you can share experience to encourage others and ask some questions, just make sure they have not been asked and answered before. :wink:

Here are some tips I recommend:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.


Thank You… mahathircmi

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hello, im new here just wanna take a look first..:slight_smile: