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Hi new user on fiverr and em strugling


How to get orders on fiverr Iam not getting orders since last week :frowning:


Watch the video. It’s a good one! :pineapple:


You don’t “get orders”, you EARN them. What actions are YOU taking to EARN your success?


I make gigs and post them into my Id and em not earn any single order till
now and its been a month now!


Boss I make gigs there are increasing impression and views butt did’nt get any order yet thanks for reply means alot and I hope you help me out to get me my first order on fiverr thanks


My name is “jonbaas”. People call me Jon. I am not your “boss”, nor do I appreciate you using my last name in that format. My name is Jon. You can call me by my name.

And no, I cannot, and will not “get you your first order”.

If you want to LEARN how YOU can be successful, you are welcome – and encouraged – to read through the thousands of hours of advice, discussions, comments, and tips that already exist here on the Fiverr forums. YOU earn your own success. We’re not going to provide it to you just because you want it, and don’t want to do the work to EARN it.

You’ve got a lot of work to do. I recommend that you get started asap.