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Hi-new writer- please help

Hi everyone. My name is Katherine and I am from South Africa. I am new to fiverr(registered a year ago but haven’t used it). I have no idea how to get gigs, or what (writing) niche to choose. Can buyers be trusted? Any catches? Advice will be appreciated. Thank you.


You may follow some gigs of your category. I thing you can get an idea from there. Thanks.

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If this is your first time creating a Gig, from the selling menu, click start selling. Fill out your seller profile, and then proceed to creating your Gig.

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@kathy_n Welcome fiverr! go to youtube a lots of tutorial there!

Hi @kathy_n. Welcome to the community. Before starting here you need to choose in which niche you want to offer services here or what type skills brings you here. In terms of creating gigs you may see many resources on Google, Youtube or here also. You can follow your similar catagory sellers gigs also to get ideas. In this platform Fiverr takes responsibilities of every buyer and seller. So don’t worry about that focus on your work and keep going. Best of luck!

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Welcome to the fiverr community. carry on