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Hi... Not getting a order

I have a Fiverr gig now almost a week and i don’t have 1 order got, i don’t understand how?

you at least need to wait 2 month to get your gig rank

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Some sellers take months to get their first order. You’re young, so you have plenty of time to learn.

Your title says ‘illustrate’, but your samples are all ‘manipulate’ or ‘effect overlay’ or ‘digital paint’. (Very pretty, though.)

I know this thread is long, but I’ve gathered a LOT of tidbits and organised them as best I can within the forum limitations:

I’ll admit, I have a soft-spot for young entrepreneurs, so if you have ANY questions about something in that thread, ask here and I’ll try to elaborate.

I have made a gig so…

Making a gig is only one step. Think of it like school: you don’t learn everything on day one. It takes a whole textbook, homework, and a long time to learn.

Consider this your homework assignment: read the short (TCT) section and come up with three alternative titles you could have used for this gig, and five alternative tags.