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Hi people I\'m new on fiverr

Hey all,
I followed several tips found here on the forum, but I still can not get an order.
I do not know … any ideas on how to solve?
I have already responded to several requests, but I have not achieved anything.

Your video gigs do not have a picture that shows anything. They all start out with a blank screen. The music in them is not nice sounding either. I look at a lot of video gigs here all the time and yours are not attractive, either from the picture that shows of the thumbnail— a blank or gold blank picture of nothing, or from the music that goes with them. You really need to work on these. Make them something people actually want to buy. Look at the other video gigs to get some ideas.

wow … you have simply destroyed me. Have you ever worked as a graphic designer for years in various companies? if you’re not then I think the way you criticize is really inappropriate :slight_smile: anyway if you can help in other ways would be appreciated.

“I asked for advice on an open forum but I didn’t like it when it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear”

I recommend not being a delicate little petal, complaining then asking for more advice. As a writer, I have no opinion on your videos that you would want to hear. But you are spamming your profile page, which can be easily accessed by clicking on your name (or anyone’s really).



I’m a graphic designer/video editor myself. I have a few notes if you’d like to hear 'em.

1.) The featured videos appear with thumbnails that aren’t exactly definitive of the videos you are sharing (which, by the way, are all awesome!). I’m not certain if Fiverr allows for custom video thumbnails but maybe if the thumbnails change, it will bring in more interested buyers.
2.) The headlines are nondescript. I think it’s very important to tell your buyers upfront what they’re getting: it can be descriptive like “I will make a dissolve animation of your logo for your videos” or something specific like “I will do professional video editing for $5”. This way, the buyers know what EXACTLY they will get.

I hope these help. :slight_smile:

Good luck, man. Do let me know how it works for you.

I don’t think that was harsh at all. It’s very important to take criticism, and if you don’t, you’re definitely not going to get anywhere.

Anyway, marketing yourself is a good way to go after you fix your thumbnails. You’re on the right track because you’ve posted multiple gigs; that really gets your name out there.

Here’s a great article on how to make your profile stand out, brother:

Helped me make my first orders.

The videos will sell if people like them and you have a better thumbnail that shows at the beginning of them. You can leave them as they are and tell by how well they sell if they are good. It’s really a great chance to do very well for anyone who has some really great videos as I do not find many that are above amateur.

Thank you man

Sorry for that. I accept suggestions but it depends very much on the way they are written.

If a person has never worked in a certain field you can criticize … but not that way. Criticisms of that kind may be accepted, but only if the person who makes this criticism is an expert in the subject matter.

The patience will guide you to the tour of success. I was like you just a year ago! Now it’s all cool. Welcome to Fiverr pal. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers.

Thank you mate :slight_smile:

It’s constructive criticism. I don’t see it inappropriate in anyway. Spice up your video creation skills and post a sample video that’ll draw buyers in, then you’ll definitely see orders

I followed the advice that you gave me. ( I did not know I could change thumbnails… )

Thank you all! Other tips are welcome :smiley:

I think your video intros are pretty cool :slight_smile: