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Hi, people New user

Hello, my friends, I’m new to Fiverr platform and I would appreciate any tips and bits of advice :grinning::grinning:


Hello there @ziadashraf708 Welcome to the forum. Glad you’ve joined the family. :smiley:

Best advice is to read the ToS carefully and go through some free courses and you’ll be fine.

Best of luck with your journey.

Warmly, Humberto



Thanks for your advice my friend :blush:

welcome to fiverr platform

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Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks so much brother

Hi there @chasmatu. With all your respect. There are some people in the world who can call me brother, and that is my little sister…and my good friends :smiley: Oh, if I were you don’t refer people you don’t know as BROTHER, bro, mate, dear, love, buddy etc etc, it is very unprofessional. Would you name your client’s BROTHER, I don’t think so… best of luck!! :crazy_face:


The east-west cultural clash :laughing: Sorry. I’ll shut up and just show myself the door.