Hi , please help me improve my gig


HI , Im new seller here :slight_smile:r , i want your opinion on my first gigs , any recommendation or advises on how to improve my gig will be helpful , thanks al:relaxed:l .



You need to differentiate. There are loads of logo designers on fiverr - what makes you different? You should look at a niche and concentrate on that.

Successful fiverr logo designers may focus on designing a certain type of logo or logos for a particular industry. You can still keep a generic logo design but the way to become a success is to specialize.


Lots of competition on Logo design, if you are new at Fiverr. You better move to different niche. Or If you want to fight with competitor. :wink: Good luck.


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thanks for the advice , but do you recommend anything to add to the gig ? or to change the whole gig ?i can design all kinds of logo , im thinking to give the source files for free for the first gigs untill i get some feedback .what do you think ? thanks again


what other niches do you recommend ?is there any niche with low competition in fiverr ? thanks for the advice:slight_smile:


could you pm me a message , thanks


The niches could go on forever, whether it is the customer-

  • local sports team
  • store logo
  • Udemy logo
  • fiverr logo
  • YouTube channel logo

Or the style-

  • minimalist
  • colorful
  • trendy
  • hipster
  • 3D
  • embossed

Think about what you are good at and create a niche.


thank you very much , i will follow your advice and get a specific niche