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Hi please help me

hi, im new seller from philippines can you please visit my gig? for you to see whats wrong. i mean if theres wrong with the cover photos,description or anything. Any of your suggestion will be a great help. thank you

Hi again,

I’d suggest that you change the category of this post from “Tips for Sellers” to “Improve my Gig”.

Also, it would be easier for forum users to help you out if you can post a link to your gig along with your message. You can do that by using the :pen: edit icon on the bottom right of your original post to edit it.

hi,thank you. please tell me if its in “improve my gig”, because im not sure if its in that category now. but i change it. thank you so much

Yes, I see it in the category “Improve my Gig” now. Also, don’t forget to add a link to your gig in your first message.


done. thqnk you so much. youre so kind.

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Regarding your Gigs,

I don’t think you need to mention your pricing once again in your gig description too because it is already mentioned/shown to customers in the pricing section above your gig description.

I realize that you have briefly mentioned your experience in your profile description… That’s good. But I’d suggest that you add more information of your expertise in your gig description part as well… Tell them what you have done so far… What is it that you provide (don’t need to mention the price)… why should they pick you over the other sellers who do cartoon portraits… Try to make it more compelling for prospective buyers to place an order with you.

Also, as a new-seller, congratulations on already having completed an order with a 5-star rating! Best wishes.