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Hi please let me know. Dose it go against TOS?

Hi, i do WordPress development. So i need cpanel access. Sometimes buyer send their mail and password. So does it go against fiverr TOS?

  • Some of new buyers send email and password in chat. I request please don’t share anything here. Please send me all informations at order page.

Note: I didn’t ask for any personal information. They provide that. I also don’t like to contact outside fiverr.


I have that as part of the buyer requirements. If you need it, you need it.


Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I know that. But some buyer send them in chat. I directly say to them. Please send me the details at order page. Please it’s Fiverr rules.

I think you can inform about this fiver support team .they give you a got suggestion about this matter

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also, I think you got a problem from your some of the buyer :grin: :grin: :grin: nothing to worry…just do your work… the first talk with the buyer before getting the order…you can get a clear idea about your buyers…after you can make offer or reject that request…


Sure, it’s better if pertinent information is included on the order page. However, if a Buyer sent other details via 5r’s messaging system. It’s not a big deal! Why? It’s still a paper trail for Fiverr to investigate if things go south. I’ve had Clients who were in a hurry and they sent a quick message (5r inbox) instead of the order page. The problem is communicating outside of Fiverr’s platform.


Only accept those details in the order requirements, once you’ve permitted it, or in the order chat.

I never work with people who send me sensitive information without my having permitted it. That’s a sign of someone very difficult to work with or at least careless about security, courtesy and proper behavior.


Thanks. My requirements is cpanel and WordPress login info. It it okay?

Yes, it’s fine. If it’s what you need for the job, you’re good.