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Hi pls response quick can i sign contract via fiver

hi so there is this buyers who want me to sing accapella and is ready bto p[ay 7 dollars as an upfront fees and has given a contract via ms so is it legal? i visted him on fiverr he seems legit


janali hi so this is what i was refering to

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No. And just to be extra safe NO.


hi so can i tell me to work with on fiverr only should i not take any risk

Only Fiverr. Never outside, you are not protected.

Referring to when? Where?

as @marinapomorac said, don’t work outside of Fiverr, don’t give your personal information like name, address, phone number to a buyer. 7 Dollar isn’t worth risking a warning over.

you met the buyer outside of fiverr and everything was supposed to be done outside of Fiverr anyways. Then Fiverr doesn’t have anything to do with it.

yes he said that all there order are on fiverr only

yes you are right i have to take every precaution

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