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Hi, promote my gig

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  1. Complete Fiverr Acadamey. There is a wealth of information there.
  2. Promote your gigs in social media
  3. I am not sure selling e-mail lists is something Fiverr allows. You should read the rules and if it deletes that gig.
  4. Never promote your gig in Buyer Requests. That is for Buyers to ask for a seller to fulfill a order.
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Thanks for your great opinion.
I promote social media such as Linking, Twitter etc. Besides, marketing can be done through any other.

I’m sure word of mouth would also be helpful. Tell your friends, and then tell those friends to tell their friends :slight_smile:

Very good feedback
Thank you.

To be honest, you may have a lot of trouble getting Fiverr to keep your gig up at all. I’ve seen new users repeatedly having their gigs removed by Fiverr with this warning:

"By taking part in selling private contact information, such as phone numbers, email lists, addresses etc., you are promoting spam and potentially participating in illegal activity. Such services are not allowed on our marketplace."

I can’t say for sure if they are gradually removing all of these gigs, but given how many people have failed with them I wouldn’t want to try to sell mailing lists.


I was right then. Selling mailing lists is frowned upon by Fiverr.

Aside from the fact that you are offering a spam-service (there is no other way around to describe it), you are showing everybody that your gig will not work. The reason for this is simple that if you were able to deliver targeted e-mail lists (assuming people have subscribed in free will to them), you were able to market your gig to a targeted audience yourself. The only good thing for you is that people are seemingly to stupid to think and who buys something like that deserves to suffer.

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