Hi Question about # Impressions


Hi I’ve been a seller for 45 days. I have 4 gigs listed. ** Had activity (Impressions, Views, Clicks) first weeks,

but for past 5-6 days have had ZERO impressions on any/all of my gigs.

Would appreciate feedback on why this might be. Thanks, Mark


It might be a bug for everyone. Samethings happened with me.


same here from 13/01/2015


Yes! Since 13/01/15 as well

What should I do about it?


The same case here

may be Fiverr working on some new updates


I’ve sent a ticket and they said they know about the problem and they’re handling it. So it’s a bug,there’s nothing you can do. The fact that we’re not seeing the real statistics does not really affects us.


Great. Thanks. I just looked again at my Analytics and for each gig it says "Not Available."

I take from that they are working on it.


@ruxandradraws Just so I understand (as I am new), when you way the real statistics does not effect us, by the Analytics saying zero impressions, unless it is a bug it does effect us, no? Please clarify. Thanks, Mark