Hi 🤓 ! Recently I have made a new GIG with VIDEO


Hi there! I have made a gig for “Stylish Trifold Brochure”. I’m excited because, Gig IMPRESSIONS are increasing day by day. It seems to me everything is okay. But, I need your opinion about my gig.

I would like to get your attention and valuable suggestions. Please, tell me something about my Gig. How was it. What should I do to more improve. Etc. I’ll be grateful to you.
Please Check out my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/mamun793/design-stylish-trifold-brochure-for-you

Thank you


your gig is soo good .and video also amazing. :grinning:


@tabindamm :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you very much for visiting my gig and your nice feedback.


your welcome :grinning:


I’m new to Fiverr and a professional Graphic designer. And you? @tabindamm


i am also new to fiverr and i am also graphic designer and expert in seo .


Wow. That’s really great. :star_struck: