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Hi! Seller. No Free Sample Before Order Placed

Hi! hope you find it as you just experienced yourself. When you send free samples of your work to buyers then no order is placed. Why ? Because the buyer got that what he wanted in the form of sample. Yes I believe in buyer satisfaction with quality work by the seller.But sending just samples is to waste your precious time and energies. Do your best as a seller with many revisions but avoid samples. Must comment. I sent this sample with no order placed.

Some times, free samples lead a good gig. I do voiceovers. If the client asks for a free sample, I deliver it with random beeps in the background. I’ve gotten several wel payed gigs out of this method.

Yes dear! It should be so as you did, but mostly new comers do mistake that I brought out. Thanks

Yes dear! It should be so as you did. But mostly new comer do it mistakenly. thanks for comment.