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Hi Senior(s), Your Advise Is Needed

Dear Seniors, I am a new in your group, around 3 weeks old. After receiving a Tip from a senior, now I have responded to buyer’s request but still not getting any order. May be my response is not good enough to impress the buyer. For Instance, one buyer had posted “You have to convert data into excel sheet”. To this post of buyer I responded “Dear Sir, I would like to offer my services for the same. You can send a sample file to judge my ability. Also, please confirm the quantum of work to offer you a competitive offer. Regards”. Can anybody please guide/advise me about the improvements needed.

Another Example , a buyer posted “need someone to do data entry. Transfer products, descriptions ect from my shopify website to my square site. Tasks include: uploading pics product descriptions entering product inventory keywords alt tags new products, various pictures, description and inventory. should be approximately 60 products”. To this buyer I responded “I offer my service to do data entry and I understand that this job includes data entry and working on website also. I am confident that this job will be done to your satisfaction. Would like you to give me an opportunity.” Please advise if I am responding to the buyer’s in a good way or there can be some better ways to respond to them to get an opportunity to grab the job.


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same to here bro ./. know buyer no order

You should say something significant about the request. You basically say I think I can do the job, please give me an opportunity. Chances are that they couldn’t care less. Details like the delivery time and the amount of the offer are quite fundamental.


You are right senior but without knowing the quantum of work that they want to give how can I assure you of the time.For the offered amount, if their budgeted amount is 150 Dollar I give them my offer as 145 Dollars.

I am referring to the second example, that has a clear indication of the amount of work. (transfer about 60 products from shopify to squarespace).

To be honest we had a lot of complaints from buyers that sellers were giving them higher price than stated in their gigs after they told their sellers what’s their budget.
You should already have your prices ready and firm instead of being sneaky and offering just a little bit less than their budget.


Thanks for your advise. Will be taken care off from the next offers.

Your premium package, that costs $100, is described as 30 hours of work, 6 hours included (sic), 5 days delivery time. How do you translate this to $145? Please tell me it’s a joke.


There is so much you can say besides just that you can complete the task. You don’t need senior advice. You need to research your audience and what they want and value.

All you are saying is that you can complete the task.

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Thank Senior, Now I think I have understood about the problem. The Pricing that I am quoting is the problem. This will surely be taken care of in my next quotation onwards.

Thank you once again for your comment.


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Accurate and honest pricing is important, but as others have mentioned to you, you’re not answering the crucial question of why someone should order from YOU rather than anyone else.

Let’s say for the sake of illustration, that if I put a buyer request up today for 8 hours of data entry work, I can guarantee I’d get anywhere from 10 to 50 people responding to the advertisement. That’s a huge amount of people competing against one another, and I have to pick just one person out of the list. Let’s say you’re one of those 50 people… what are you going to say to convince me that you’re the best person for the job?

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes for a moment. What do I want? I want someone to take care of some work for me, so that I don’t have to worry about it. I need it to be done accurately, quickly, and I need to be confident that the person I’m speaking to understands my requirements. I want someone I can communicate effectively with, who fills me with confidence that my needs are going to be met.

These are the points you need to address when responding to a buyer request, or any buyer query for that matter.


Thank you very much senior for this wonderful advise. Will take care of the same.

Some problems with your response to that request:

You used “dear” and “sir”. Don’t. You managed to put two of the worst words you can use if you want to do business with westerners at the beginning of your response.

You can read more about it here: How to communicate across cultures and countries when doing business on Fiverr

Also, you’re asking the buyer to judge your ability with a sample. Why? As a professional, you never work for free, and you have to learn to communicate your skills verbally - not by doing free work.

I’m not saying this to be harsh on you, just to help you improve your replies.

With all that being said - remember that many other sellers might reply to the very same request, and a good reply doesn’t guarantee you get the work.

This comes in addition to what others have said about answering why they should order from you - and not someone else.

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