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Hi,suppose I need some info on how to get gigs!


Hi,how could I get gigs?What should I do?pls give me some info!Appreaciate it!


Well first of all, you need to create gigs.
What gigs you create is up to you, and you need to think on your own.
If you need to know how to create them, you’ll need to read through the website.
I am aware it is a lot to read, but if you are serious about doing business, that’s something
you will need to do.
Did you read through the website and the forum?
Pretty much everything ( and I mean everything) you need to know in order to set up a gig
and start business is already given. Checking out Fiverr Academy will be the first step I believe.


Thanks!i will read more of it!


You can also check my short 6 tips for new sellers guide here
Good luck with creating your gigs!


Appreciate it!i’ll read the info then!Good luck to u!