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Hi! Tell me about your first FIVERR order!

Would like to hear your first order story! How did you get it? :thinking: Also if you have any tips please share!!!:blush: :blush: :relaxed:


I remember it as if it was yesterday… :blush:

I know many people wait for days, weeks, months and even years to get their first order, but, thankfully, I got it in less than 24h after signing up to the platform.

One afternoon I signed up on Fiverr, not having plans to immediately start creating gigs, but during that night I navigated on the platform and saw there were services for T-shirt designs. I had some designs and images ready in my laptop because years ago I wanted to start a business for customised merch, but it was too much of a hassle (waiting to get bundle orders, print, etc…). So I created the gig that same night using the designs I created years ago. The next morning I received a message from a buyer saying “hello”, he was interested in one of the designs I uploaded in my gig. So I delivered in few hours and he was so happy that he ordered again. That same day, my very first day on Fiverr I got 3 orders from the same buyer.

I honestly did nothing to get that first order, I only created the gig and I was blessed that someone liked one of the designs I uploaded and then wanted more.


I received my order within a week (3-4 days). It took trust from a buyer, albeit at a lower rate. However, he was an amazing team member. Always appreciative, always encouraging. They tipped me 3x the order price, in the first instance due to my work quality.

The second time, they paid me more from the get-go… and then the story continues.