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Hi there! ask about buyer request!

Hello! I’m new here in Fiverr! I’ve been reading some tips and the best way to get my first sale is to sent an offer.
So, my question is… when I send an offer to a buyer request, what do I do next?
I need to wait if the buyer accepts my offer right?
It’s been a day and nothing happens, please can someone explain this to me?


I also haven’t large experiences related with buyer requests, But you can offer them your skills , description of your services, your portfolio …etc. Am also still trying to find-out perfect buyer request reply.

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Welcome to the Fiverr forum.

You’re not the only person making offers to those requests. It’s possible you’ll never be contacted about them.

Have you seen this Fiverr article yet?

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Welcome @morango_paradis and wish you all the best.

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Thank you for your advice! that was I was thinking but the offer just sits there and I worried that I should be doing something more :slight_smile:

Thank you! yes, I noticed some things I should change about my gigs, or make others :smiley:

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