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Hi there, everyone!


Hi, everyone!
I’m a creature artist and background painter. I’ve been looking for a platform to kickstart my freelance career and I am hoping I’ve found a home here, on Fiverr.

Nice to meet you all!


Welcome!! :raising_hand_woman:


Greetings creaturefeature. Welcome to the Fiverr forum! I wish you all of the best on your new freelancer journey!


Thank you so much! :sunny:


Thanks a million, glenn! :sunny:


Hello! Nice to meet you too! I am a freelance performance artist, and I am also hoping to have found a home here on Fiverr. I am looking forward to meeting and finding out about everyone and their journeys! Cheers!


What is a creature artist? Can you please explain? :thinking:


Hi, Elise! Nice to meet you, too! I wish you good luck with your freelance career! :sunny:


Hiya! A creature artist is a character designer that specialises in drawing and designing real (animals that exist in real life) or imagined animals (fantasy animals) - all depending on the kind of project you’re working on. :sunny: