Hi there! i am new here at fiverr


I am a biologist lover of the flora and fauna of the world!
Especially of turtles and reptiles.
I’m barely knowing this from fiverr.
I’m a specialist doing technical reports. Do you think there is some work here in fiverr for me?
Greetings from Venezuela


That sounds good! Good luck!!!


just create a good attractive gig and promote via social media. There is always a work on fiverr for everyone


Hey there!
Happy to see more Venezuelan people arround here (I’m Venezuelan too)
Welcome to fiverr! Best wishes :blush::+1:


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It is good to meet you!


Welcome. Check this out: https://support.fiverr.com/ for how to get off to a great start on Fiverr.


I think the same! That is great!


Dear @tortugaverdemoc

Welcome to Fiverr

Do freelancing at fiverr
This is the best marketplace in the world
Go ahead
Best of luck👍
#Happy Freelancing😊


With perseverance and constancy all is possible!


Welcome to Fiverr family. Just create an attractive gig and promote it through social media. Definately waiting the best for you.


Welcome to fiverr.
This market place for everyone.
Wish you all the best for you fiverr journey.