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Hi there, I am new on Fiverr


Hi to all :smiley:
I am new on Fiverr, that’s why I don’t know if it’s allowed to promote myself on fiverr forum, but I’ll give it a try :slight_smile: (if it’s against the fiverr rules, report this post)
I have a degree from the Faculty of fine arts in my country, so basically this (selling through fiverr) is not my hobby and something to do in my spare time for some extra money, but my profession and literally my only source for making money.
I am selling from time to time some commissions traditional drawings, but those are very little money for me to function. So that’s why I decided to become a digital illustrator and I am doing that for a year so far, but I still haven’t got any orders :confused: I am really passioned about my work and when I do have some commissions, I am completing them on time with discipline and very professional. I will REALLY appreciate if you check out my fiverr profile and my work, If you are not looking for some realistic digital portrait or another theme, but heard that someone like, please recommend me. As I wrote above, my digital paintings are realistic and detailed, you will not regret it if you choose me as your seller. I am here almost 1 month and still haven’t had my first gig, and I really need that so that I will make an exit from this anonymously place that I am right now.

Thank you in advance, Kristina


Welcome to fiverr. You can sell your skill in here.
You will find many great tips and information in this post.
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Hi Kristina,

You do amazing drawings. However when I looked at your gig I wasn’t convinced to buy even thought I see that you are doing quality work. Probably part of this because I’m missing “realistic” portraits. E.g I’m not sure how you will draw an older person if I’ll send you a picture of my mum who’s not in disguise or not a young pretty woman. Probably people want to see more how you can draw from “every day” pictures. (And your target audience right now seems to be only young attractive women)

On the other hand, I started my journey few years ago drawing only portraits and it never went further than just some commissioned work.

Hope that will help a bit.


First of all, I really want to thank you for taking some of your preciois time by typing this advice to some random stranger. Second, you have a point and I am gonna take your advice by making more gigs with different kind of portraits. I’ve drawn so far many older people, but traditionaly with soft pastels and pencils, but never digitaly. For me younger people were always more dificult to draw, than the older ones, that’s why I think it will be super easy for me drawing them. This week I’m gonna make myself a task to draw older people and kids and post those drawings in a new gig, so I hope this will work.
Have a nice day and thanks again :slight_smile:


Thank you, I will check this out for sure :slight_smile:


You can actually still draw them by hand if you feel more comfortable with that , scan, remove background and adjust the colours, that’s it :wink:


Haha funny to say, but I had the same thing in mind before. But since I started drawing on Photoshop for almost a year, I find the digital drawing so much more easier than the traditional. So I think I’m gonna stick on the digital at least for now.


Hi Kristina,

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! Yes, you can self-promote your gigs/gig links on the forum, provided you create your self-promotion post in the appropriate sub-category of the forum called “My Fiverr Gigs”.

I am not sure if you would wanna do this, but have you thought of making your self-portrait/illustration and putting that up as your profile picture on Fiverr? Maybe it will add to the “charm” of your profile. :smile:

Happy selling! :snowflake:


Thank you, I posted my personal photo because that was recomendet by fiverr, saying that will make the buyers feel more close to you as a seller. I actually have painted myself on the mobile app Adobesketch and I can give it a try how that will work by making my digital selfportrait a profile picture.


hmm… makes sense. Fair enough :slight_smile: