Hi there ! I’m new in Fiverr!


Hi, how are you?
I´m new in Fiverr. I´m a music composer from Barcelona, and I’m in the category of producers & composers.
I been working for a long time for audiovisual companies in Barcelona, but i thought that i rather work for myself, and have my own clients. So even though i have an account in Fiverr since August, i opened my first gig several weeks ago.
Is for me a pleasure to be with all of you!


Welcome to the community Miquel!


Thank you very much royjuiten !!!


First, Welcome to 5r.

Second, You’ve changed your email since you joined 5r in August.

You may want to go into your 5r forum profile and add the correct link to your profile. Potential buyers reading forum would be able to find you easily. :grinning:

Best wishes for a successful business venture.


Hi gina_riley2 !

Thank you very much for your advice!
I just add my Fiverr profile in my profile configuration here in the Forum!
I think i did it correctly :slight_smile:
Thank you !!!


I think i did not do it right… Iam still Miquelinet1 and i just can´t change it !
i go to preferences but do not allow me to change the user profile. Any help ?


There is a forum error that adds a 1 to the end of some usernames. Don’t worry about it.


thank you so much lloydsolutions !
But then, how i do change my user´s name ? Because now if you click on my profile´s name take´s you to the principal page in Fiverr and say that this user´s profile dosen´t exitst
What can i do ?


It does do that but if you leave off the 1 it is ok. Don’t think you can do anything about it.


Thank you lloydsolutions, but it is a shame because like gina_riley2 said, potential buyers could visit me to give me an order. Now they can´t … Maybe if i get in touch with the suport team ? or is not really worth it from your point of view
Thank you for your help and sorry bother. Iam new at this


Welcome to the community Miquel!


Thank you so much asad1988. You are very kind ! :slight_smile:


You can always ask if they can help. Anyhow welcome to Fiverr. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much lloydsolutions !
I apreciate your help
Thanks. :slight_smile:


You’re good. You manually typed in your 5r user account. I can see it just fine. :grinning:


Yes !!! Thnaks gina_riley2 but my user name i coul not change ! and if you click there goes directly to the first page of fiver ! for some strange reason they added a 1 in miquelinet. like lloydsolutios said before.
I already wrote to Fiverr team support !
Thanks gina_riley2 !


It’s a glitch. When I click your username a screen pops up that has your manual add in, which does take me to your gig.

You have fantastic recordings by the way. I wish you many success! :grinning::grinning:


WOW! Barcelona!
I love :soccer: Barca. :smile:

Welcome to Fiverr @miquelinet1
Hope, you will enjoy the Fiverr community. :slight_smile:


Hi n4y33m !
Thank you so much ! You are very kind !
I love to be here !
Thanks :slight_smile:


hey bro im new to good luck out there in getting sales!