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Hi there! I'm a new freelancer :) let me take you on a wild ride

Hey there, I suppose it’s proper that I introduce myself to everyone. my name is Cassandra IRE McLaughlin,I prefer to go by Cass in most of my daily endeavors, but you may address me as Cassandra as well. I am a 25 year old woman that was born in Saint John, NB but my current address is in Guelph, but my most recent address has been in NB as I am currently on the road traveling and selling my business. I am a fine artist by craftsmanship, I am well versed in Photoshop and currently learning simple animation in after effects. My skill is beginners at best but maybe with more work in it I can advance.

My art is in other words, eclectic as I am well versed in many different styles. My favored medium is oil, but I do enjoy the simplicity of ink and quaintness of ink on paper. I enjoy making illustrations and worlds. I also very much enjoy taking you into a new realm, a dreamscape and incorporating various astrology items, characters, beasts, creatures, city lines and oceanic views.

I also enjoy doing various works in tarot, astrology, and botanical art. I enjoy crafting and when I put my mind to anything I can really exceed expectations with certain crafts. Be it a simple piece of jewelry to a cute wallet I enjoy taking on all kinds of work.

I also work with a team of differently talented people who are my go to people with new tasks and projects. So it’s going good over here on terms of teamwork. They are knowledgeable in many different walks of education from marketing, to professional tutoring and network advice help and forecasting on business trends.

Hey, thanks for reading eh and I hope to work with you in the future and I look forward to captivating you in my artworks.




Hi Cass, I’m Jave :blush:. Welcome to the Fiverr community. Hope you have a great time here. Good luck with all your artwork!

P.S. That’s a lot of ‘but’ in there :sweat_smile:


I like big buts and I cannot lie :rofl:


My God! :joy:

In that case, it should be double ‘t’ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Glad you got the humor in my post though. I’m a proof reader so I couldn’t help myself. You truly are an artist who’s about to take us on a wild ride :sweat_smile: Looking forward to seeing you around :wink:


Yeah no worries, I’ll throw in many grammatical errors to keep you on you’re toes. Sea you around. :smiley:


I’ll warn you against encouraging the proofreader within me :sweat_smile: It’s a notorious being.

Edit: Fiverr seems to not like the word grammar n*zi and I don’t want to get flagged.