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Hi there, I'm a new member on Fiver


I’m a Graphic designer, I’ve been posting my gig since 3 months ago and I haven’t get my first client.


Welcome to fiverr. Do work n go ahead


That niche is really flooded, learn some new skills I would suggest


Hi, you could try with different skills as well, services that you are good at in different gig categories
all the best


Welcome to Fiverr :tada:


Welcome to Fiverr. If you want to get first client you should to share your gig in social media… try to marketing your gig…


Welcome to fiverr.Best of luck :+1:


Thank you for the suggestion guys I will do it. :slight_smile:


Hi freelanceshin,
Welcome to fiverr. Stay always online.



Your right. :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m a Graphic Designer. Nice to meet you. @freelanceshin