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Hi there! I'm Khadija and I am starting my writing gig on fiver. Can I get a review to improve it


Hi Khadija, welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your gig title includes the word “and”, which makes it sound as though the buyer will get two separate pieces of content for their money. Your package descriptions, however, make it sound as though you’ll write only one article for your buyer.

You should make both parts of your gig clear and consistent in order to avoid problems.


please read community standards carefully

Thankyou for pointing that out.

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Hello! Welcome to Fiverr! I’m pretty new here as well and not experienced enough to offer advice on gig optimization and so forth.

However, I’ve noticed some spelling errors in your FAQ and inappropriate/ incorrect use of semicolons in your description. Also, please check the tagline below your username – it’s incomplete.

It’s extremely important to proofread and double-check yourself for any subtle errors, especially if it’s do with writing.

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