Hi there! Introducing myself


My first message on Fiverr forum! Looking forward to beinge a best seller!


Hi I’m new to Fiverr. two things I’d really like to know.

Is there a way you can pick up urgent jobs that a buyer has not selected a seller yet for?

TWO I’m offering transcribing but the add button won’t go green so I can select it so what do you enter transcription in English from English under - what categories please?



Please delete your question here and repost under Fiverr Conversation. Since you don’t have as any gigs up, you can also post under Bugs.

The former will probably get you more responses from your fellow sellers.


WElcome to Fiverr… Gina_Riley2 is right…


Welcome to the forum. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! I am glad to hear any tips!


Many thanks, and hope you have a genuinely great day too.