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Hi there! Overgeek reporting for duty :)


Hi everyone!

My name is Laura and I just started on Fiverr together with my sublabel “Overgeek”.

I am a freelance Developer, DevOps Engineer and Translator from The Netherlands, Gouda.

I hope my journey here will be full of wisdom :wink: Still waiting for that first sale.

All recommendations are welcome!




You are welcome to FIVERR.


Hi Laura, welcome to the forum!

Recommendations … I had a look at your profile page and noticed you use the same image for all your gigs. You need different images per gig, so you might want to change that before you’ll get told or your gigs would get paused or even denied because of that, you never know.


If you own more than a single Gig, be sure to choose a different image to each one. This will ensure buyers can find what they need.


Make sure your Gig image is related to the service you are offering. Irrelevant images not only compromise your Gig’s credibility, but also lower its chances of getting promoted in editorial features.

General recommendation: Go through the articles in the “Seller Help Center”, you’ll find the above quotes and more about gig images and lots of other info worth knowing there which might also help you with getting that first sale faster. Fingers crossed. :four_leaf_clover:

Got promoted to level 1 today!

Thank you miila! I’ve followed your advice and changed my gig images. I’ll follow the help center link you gave me.


welcome on board LAURA. have a good time and experience


What makes you think I’m a scam? Not sure why you’re saying I’m a “funny buyer”. Sounds odd…


I hope it is as well.


Hello @jonbaas


Hi, how can I help you?


Is it possible that @bryanjesse wanted to post this message in another thread (and instead posted it here by mistake)? :thinking:


@jessylink I am sorry, but according to the forum’s rules & regulations, this is considered spam (“hijacking” the OP’s thread).

If you are looking for help on the forum, please create your own post (provided there are no pre-existing threads which already have the info. you’re looking for).


You are welcome to FIVERR.


Hello @hanshuber16 . I’m deeply sorry about this. Had no idea. I’m new here.
My sincere apologies.


Deeply sorry about this.


oh my goodness…i am sincerely sorry,
YES, i meant to post that on another thread. i am taking it down right away.
apologies once again.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the welcoming gestures :slight_smile: I already feel at home and just got my first two reviews!

Hoping to be here for a long time with you all.