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Hi! This is my first post!

Hi everyone, this is my first post and would like to share my Virtual Administrative Assistant gig to all who are interested. Take care!


Welcome. Your hours don’t add up! Your standard / weekly package states both 50 and 56 hours, and your premium / monthly package states both 50 and 224 hours.

Plus, your basic / one day package consists of 8 hours, and yet your one week package is either 50 or 56 hours. Most people perceive the working week to be five days, so 8 hours x 5 days = 40 hours. So not 50 or 56 hours! It’s all rather confusing.

Also, your one day package takes three days. Your one week package takes 7 days (this makes sense!), and your premium one month package takes 29 days, when most months actually either have 30 or 31 days!

Re your monthly / premium gig. Let’s assume you mean 224 hours. This makes your hourly rate before Fiverr commission $4.44 - $3.55 after commission, which is £2.68 (UK sterling) before PayPal or Payoneer fees, UK self-employment tax and national insurance. If you use PayPal to withdraw your earnings you will lose a further 9%… leaving you with £2.44. Take off tax and NI (another 25 percent or so) leaves you with an hourly rate of £1.80! The UK minimum wage for an adult over the age of 25 is £8.72.

Good luck but I think you need to redo your maths before hopefully selling a gig.


Hi, thank you for your reply. The hours stated are the only hours that were available whilst editing (the maximum default hours that fiverr offer) and I couldn’t change it, so I amended these hours to show how many hours I WOULD actually work myself. I do believe that I should of made this clear in my gig so I will change that right away.

Also as a flexi worker I believe that I am able to offer the hours that I chose??? Soooo if I want to earn 1.84 an hour as additional income than so be it, I’m here to help people! :slight_smile:

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While my post might come across as pedantic, I made it so for a reason.

Your profile states that you are based in the UK. You are stating that you are prepared to work for a quarter of the UK minimum wage. That’s not the higher living wage, or an average wage, or a skilled wage - but a quarter of the lowest accepted marker of earnings in Britain. Some friendly advice - this will likely only attract scammers. Plus you are severely undercutting your competition on Fiverr.

You are indeed able to offer the prices and hours you choose, but really… £2.44 / £1.80 an hour? The average hourly wage in the UK for an adult in their 30s or 40s is about £15. As freelancers we should be charging a premium on this…

Anyway, each to their own. But if you read the forums you will see that it’s the cheap gigs that tend to attract the scammers and refund requests. Let’s assume that someone buys your monthly gig. You work for an entire month, and the buyer then requests a refund. We have seem numerous cases reported in the forum whereby it’s been alleged that CS have refunded money no questions asked. You would lose all your money in a click of a button. Can I please encourage you to consider using milestones to work with a buyer. Milestones allow you and a buyer to agree a sequence of steps that get signed off along the way by your buyer - and most importantly, the funds will be released to you at each step.

Just some friendly advice.


To be honest with you, I did find your first reply a little condescending :roll_eyes: but having read through the latter and I can now understand why you’ve put your point across and appreciate your input as I have now gained insight into the world of Fiverr and will be very cautious from now onwards.

I still don’t wish to offer my services for an substantial amount as this will only be an additional income but I’m thinking of adding a little extra to cover the PayPal fees.

I will definitely consider using milestones.

Many thanks.

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welcome to the fiverr community good to see you here


I never mean to be condescending and, if that’s how it came across, then I apologise. Genuinely so. But if you stick around the forums for long enough you will see that there are three types of posters. Those who write utter nonsense to boost their ego, those who mean well but don’t quite nail it, and those who’ve been here so long that they can cut to the chase! I am just trying to be helpful.

In the event of a buyer complaint, unless your gig is 100% watertight, you can stand to lose a lot of hard work in the click of a button. Fiverr is a great platform on which to sell services - that’s why I’m here - but it’s not perfect. Decent sellers can and do lose money because of silly mistakes of their own making. Likewise, we can all make money from this!

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Welcome to the fiverr community