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Hi to all Veterans or Newbies Sellers Background Removal Service

Hello Veterans and Newbies Sellers of Background Removal Services.

I have a little questions for you.

Would you and Could you do Background Removal Service from 200k Images in 24 hours?
and How much will it costs?

ps: I’m asking you because I want to know the limit of my ability, so please share all what you got here.

Thank you for coming and answering my questions. :pray:

Assuming that the generally suggested price of $5 per 15 minutes of work remains true (from the good old days when everything had to cost only $5), that’s about $1 per 3 minutes of work. Let’s assume this is sufficient time for working on one image (it might take longer, but we’ll deal with this as the example here).

If every image costs $1 to work on, and you are asked to removed backgrounds from 200,000 images, you should absolutely require the work to cost at least $200,000.

If it takes 3 minutes to complete each image, that’s 10,000 hours required… and just under 417 days to complete the work. So, can you do it in 24 hours… nope. Not even close.

Even if it took 1 minute per image, 200K images would still take 139 days to complete.

So, yeah… I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that math probably isn’t your forte. :wink:


:roll_eyes: uuuh, I could buy a house with that and 1 camper car. :yum:

Thank you @jonbaas your calculations is correct.

Thank you, master :pray:


Of course they are. I didn’t earn a degree for nothing. :wink:



My prospective buyer must think I’m crazy because I told that in the messages, but yeah, that costs is the truth.

ps: maybe my prospective buyer won’t come back for a long time :rofl: oh my :crazy_face:

No. He/she is crazy. There is no possible way for one person to do all that work in 24 hours. And that work is worth at least $200,000.

You deserve to get paid fairly for the work you are asked to do.


I am not a background removal person, although I’ve had to remove backgrounds on occasion. The only place where I would differ from Jon’s answer is where it comes to the quality of the service. There are software packages that can remove backgrounds from images very rapidly. I’ve used some of the cheap or free ones and those could do quite a few images in just one second. The quality of the background removal was poor at best. I guess there might be more expensive software that could do it a little better.

If a buyer didn’t need anything but a poorly software-initiated background removal where you can still see pixels of color or other things around the image, you might be able to do 200k in 24 hours but that is just a guess. I still think it’s doubtful. If I could do it, there isn’t a price I would charge since I don’t think that buyers want something that is so low quality it could be done that fast.


@jonbaas @fonthaunt sure I won’t do it just in 24 hours, I meant nobody can.
we’re just discussing the costs and not yet the delivery time.

@jonbaas and @fonthaunt the problem is, I couldn’t send the offer for $200.000 in just 1 order. :roll_eyes:

If we ignored delivery time and I was going to guess a cost for a 200k images with poor software-driven background removal, I would say a minimum of $200 even then. I know that’s a long shot from Jon’s price because I’m not talking about manual work and I’m sure Jon means removal by a graphic artist. I’m just considering the time it would take to process a large number of images, save them, zip them and deliver them.

Edited to add - I think the limit I can put in a custom quote is 10K. I can’t remember if that varies by level. Of course, I wouldn’t send a joke quote or even a serious quote at that price without buyer agreement because if someone accidentally accepted it, that could put your own account at risk.


I wonder why would someone need background removed from 200k images in 24 hours…

Also, you should consider that probably many images from that 200k will have detailed background that isn’t “easy” to remove


Yep, I was thinking about an all black background where someone might pay for it to be converted to transparent via software. That is about as simple as it could probably get. I think software could do that and would just leave a kind of heavy line around the image. That’s all I can think of that might account for that type of request.


If there is “only” plain background to remove, photoshop can easily do that with “automate batch”. But, even with that, it will take a while, and you would need to check all images. And checking 200k would take really long time


I think I will try to lead the buyer to do continuously order, like part 1, part 2, until over.

Yes, I’d predicted that risk, that’s why I will make it done by parts.
and now is just the buyer want to confirm my offer or not.

the limit is $20k with the 30 days time delivery of limit.

It’s cost according to my calculation must be $5 on one image

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Honestly, if I was being asked to do a project like that, I – personally – would decline. I’ve done massive image editing projects in the past, and the time requirement really wasn’t worth it. I – personally – would have far better (and less mind-numbing) projects to put my mind to.


I would be happy in doing background removal work. I can do 20 images in a day…


That’s great u can more…