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Hi to all Veterans or Newbies Sellers Background Removal Service


I can do more but for quality work i will keep it 20-25 maximum then only i will get more work


There is a MASSIVE difference between removing the backgrounds from 20 images, and removing them from 200,000 images. MASSIVE difference. :wink:


200,000 is not possible in 24 hours… So, what was possible i stated :slight_smile:


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You know what, I sent my prospective buyer $200 within 30 days so I could do it in parts until 200k pictures and my buyer said “You’re out” and didn’t give me the reason why.
But I’m still curious why my buyer said: “I’m out”.

Note: My buyer didn’t show me the images it yet (just give me 1 images in the attached).

so, I doubt whether this prospective buyer is serious or not, let’s decide :crazy_face:



LOL FAKE BUYER Hahaha never dealt with such buyers…


My prospective buyer did PRANK on me . . oh my :crazy_face: what a mess.


Lol yeah beware next time :slight_smile:


I will. but this has happened before with different motives.
By creating this post, I could find out the limit of my ability and could increase more my business of instinct and strategy.


Going in a very good direction :slight_smile: smart player


Thank you, you’re all too. :sunglasses::+1:


Same here. I wouldn’t take a bulk job that huge from a favorite buyer, much less a new bargain-hunter buyer. I wouldn’t send high quotes to tempt or discourage them. I’d just say “No, thank you.”


He’s not serious. He wanted to get a massive collection of work for an unrealistically cheap price. And when you stood your ground, he backed out.

Good for you. I admire sellers who say no to buyers who try to take advantage of them. You did the right thing. Always value your time and work. It’ll drive away the cheap, not-serious buyers, and it will establish you as a seller who chooses professionalism over a quick “I’ll do anything for money” persona. If a buyer doesn’t want to pay what the project is worth, then he/she is not a buyer you should be working with.


Yeah, I guess so, the serious buyer will willing to discuss the project until there’s an agreement.

Thank you and Thanks for that calculation that was awesome :crazy_face: I almost called my friends to find a house in a strategic location :joy:

got it :sunglasses::+1:

yeah, maybe that’s the one for many reasons why I only got fewer orders. but it’s worth because it will change everything.

True :raised_hands:


Yeah, there’re many background removal software and I tried it one by one but I didn’t get high-quality results, but I’ve found one and still use it since 8 years ago until I could find the new one.


Thank you for your information.
Yeah. There’re a lot of techniques to remove the background from images, with auto and manual things, it can make it easier for users to do their work as long as users didn’t remove all objects and leaving only blank pages. :joy:


Absolutely. :slight_smile:


I am confuse how seller do a cheap offer like remove the background from 50 image for $5…
What software they used to remove the background, if me i cannot i use Photoshop to remove background manually but it take a time may one image upto 10 to 20 minutes …


There is tons of free software on the internet that removes a basic background. There is also paid software that may or may not do a better job. Some sellers probably use that software to do cheap jobs, but the quality is very poor if they don’t go back and manually edit the images further.


Will you able to name few of them , that i am try and research on it,
it is very difficult for me to remove the background,


They are easy to find with a search engine and they really shouldn’t be used for anything more than trivial work. You’re on your own.