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Hi Today I got one message from a buyer

Hi Today I got one message from a buyer.
my question is : why my response rate is show 4hours ? please. Help me…


Say last time I can’t ans In time . I am outside from my home.


it’s the average response time you take to reply messages you get. To reduce the time, do more replies quickly. If you haven’t turned notifications on, do that. It not only help you reduce response time, but also win more deals.


as far as i know its always depends on your reply time . I think you give reply after 4 hours while you got massage from buyer.


Your response rate most times depends on how fast you respond to buyers first message.
By the time you respond within 1 hour to the next of couple of messages, your response rate will improve

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Always use fiverr app for answer fast to buyer!


Thank you so much. But if I will get more message from another buyer this response rate will be back 1hour?please…

You have to reply as soon as possible

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If your response rate is 0 hours at the beginning. And for example,you got 2 messages .And this is what happen:
1.You got message and replied in 4 hours got message and replied in 2 hours .
then by average your response rate is 3 hours…

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The response rate shown on your Fiverr page is an “average” of your responses… not just your latest response. So you have to be responding as fast as possible at all times, and then in time, your everage response rate that Fiverr shows will go down.


Thank you so much for help

Great explanation thanks brother…