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Hi! What do you think for my gigs?

Hello Fiverr sellers!

What do you think for my gigs? How can I get more orders?

I’m here for a long time and I cannot increase my income, it’s almost the same every month. This month is low than before. How can I get conversion rate, more buyers? I’m trying my best to make my gig descriptions and etc very good.

Please help!

I am overwhelmed by all the different gigs you have to offer. Keep it simple. A lot of your gigs seem to offer the same type of service (promo video). Maybe just offer 1 gig for “promo video” and include the different features you offer in your description or in your gig extras.

Furthermore don’t be discouraged about your business, with almost 300 sales in 2 years I think you are doing great. Check buyer requests maybe you will be able to land some gigs there, and keep promoting your business.

Good luck anyways :slight_smile:

@krasshy My Sales>Buyers Requests

THank you a lot!!

Reply to @annai80:

check my gigs